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We are equipped with full strength studio, where creativity rules the roost. We have a crew adept in Digital Marketing, Branding, Graphic Designing, Web/ App Development and Video Creation and Editing.

It’s a powerhouse which generates perfect shapes for ideas, hopes and common goals. Our experts are Creative, Imaginative, Driven and collaborative. And we are sure to make your business bloom like never before.

Digital Solutions
Boost your Success

We are Digital Transformation Company that offers innovative web marketing solutions & development services to mid to large size companies across the globe.


Web/ App Development

We strive to create an interactive, content-rich web interface for our Clients to ensure that their brands always have an upper hand.We develop ascendible, high-performance mobile apps for iOS& Android using the best of tools and latest technologies well almost economically.

Google Adwords/ PPC

We can also effortlessly step in and improve upon any existing PPC campaigns on the Google AdWords Platform, Bing Ads, Facebook, and a variety of others.With our technological know-how and creative superiority we ensure that you communicate to your audiences effectively.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is not just the ever popular Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, however, there are many platforms out there. Targeting the ones where your customers are, is the real key. As we know, one key seldom unlocks all doors and so we direct our efforts clearly on what matters most to our clients.

Search Engine Optimization

By undertaking the steps like Keyword research, Improving user engagement, Robust & comprehensive Digital Footprint, In system Technical Up gradation, Algorithmic PR, Link Building & Brand Expansion, we deliver Higher Search Engine Rankings, Quality Website traffic and more.

Content Marketing

Whether it’s Social Media, Online Advertisement, Podcast, Webinar, Live video, Email, Blog or a Viral content our content experts formulate a content strategy that is Valuable, Relevant & Consistent to position our client’s brand’s story and establish its long-term relationship with consumers.

Email Marketing

At Amatrons we provide state of state-of-the-art email, SMS & web-marketing platform that helps our clients to achieve the above objectives in the most conversion-driven way possible. You will get Multi-Channel Email and SMS Services, 100% Deliverability and Converted Customers.

Graphic Design & Video

Amatrons is proud of it full strength studio, governed by fundamentals of creativity and keeping it simple. It’s a powerhouse which generates perfect shapes for ideas, hopes and common goals. Our design & photographers experts caters the need of everything related to graphics and video.

Digital Consulting

As digital consultants, we will focus on how digital changes affect your business and let you know how to act accordingly. We would advise on using affordable means, devise methods to keep up with competitors, help Ensure website is always fresh. We would do Technology proofing for you.

Lead Generation

It all starts with understanding the product traits & buyers persona; be it lead capturing, devising lead magnets, stimulating landing page conversions, or lead scoring. Traffic from social media channels, continued email usage & content strategies sharpen the shape of Lead Generation Strategy.

SMS Marketing

Now Increase Your Sales and Customer with Bulk SMS Services Provided by Amatrons. Send Notifications, Offers, Surveys, New Products with comprehensive, powerful and easy SMS Solution.
Promotional Sms Rate: 12Ps/ SMS
Transactional Sms: 13Ps/SMS

ERP Solutions

Simplify and streamline complex business operations with ERP Solutions provided by Amatrons Technolgies. With advanced business intelligence, smart accounting software and other tools for business process improvement, Our ERP Solution is fully scalable and customizable designed to cater mid-sized business in India

Payment Gateway

Want to Accelerate your business with seamless digital payment solutions. We are an end to end payment services provider offering a vast range of payment services and solutions through both online & offline platforms. Our Payment Gateway is integrated with 50+ banks offering transaction through all major Credit Cards, Debit Cards, IMPS, Rupay etc.



1. Analysis

Comprehensive Analysis is done to discover and identify processes that can be created or optimized to meet business requirements or improve performance. Specifications for a design solution can be derived from this analysis.

2. Design

The design of a process involves workflows that include human-to-human, system-to-system, or human-to-system, interactions. The design should aim to reduce errors and maintain relevant standard operating procedures or service level agreements.

3. Modelling

Once the process design is ready, it can be modeled using varying input values to observe its behavior.  If undesirable behavior is observed, design change can be made iteratively. Software tools are available to effectively model and evaluate processes.

4. Execution

A process model can be executed using a business rule engine to govern process execution.

5. Monitoring

During execution, process can be monitored to collect reporting data and performance, errors, and compliance which allows businesses to evaluate executed BPM solutions against corresponding design models and against relevant KPI’s.

6. Optimizations

Data from Modeling and monitoring phases can be used to identify area of the solution that can be improved to derive higher efficiency and better value.

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