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Managing operations in School has never been an easy task. There are multiple challenges faced by educational institutions which are frustrating to solve. Hence it becomes imperative for the management to use software to eliminate manual tasks that help in saving time and cost. An ERP solution helps to increase efficiency and reduce time effort.

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We have been solving below challenges through our ERP solutions

1. Admission

Admission is one of the most time taking processes for school and parents, multiple documentation formalities need to be fulfilled by both the parties which involves lots of paperwork. Amatrons help in providing Online Admission and Registration/Application that helps parents to easily submit their form, all type of records are easily available to the school for processing.

2. eCommunication

It is a common pathway for Students, Teachers and Parents to get updated with study-related information. During exam students can communicate with teachers and get their queries and problems resolved. Parents can easily track the child’s tests, discipline and attendance scores.

3. Updated Accounts System

Accounting system is the most critical part of the school management system hence it’s imperative to keep an updated track report of accounts. With online School ERP all fee-related and other financial records are updated on a real-time basis. The addition of an online payment gateway further creates a hassle-free payment option for parents. All manual activities related to the ledger are eliminated resulting in an error-free accounting system.

4. Personalized Teaching and Records

All study-related materials can be updated anytime. Students’ progress report, homework and other task can be easily checked by a teacher this helps in performance analysis for both teachers and parents.

5. Transport Management

Student’s security is the prime factor for Schools, Amatrons provides live tracking of bus routes, updated transport schedule, speed of bus, change in route if any and many more reports. Also, it allows management to keep a track of all schools buses which is an asset.

6. Daily Updates for Parents

Through our mobile app schools can share daily updates to parents like circular, calendar, daily homework, timetable, lesson plan, report card and much more.

7. Inventory Management

One of the tedious jobs for school is managing inventor, different categories of materials are purchased in bulk or in parts from multiple vendors. Our ERP supports the maintenance of all records, status of inventory availability of stock and much more.

8. Employees Performance Management

Overall it’s the performance of employees that helps in growth of an institution, we help the school in tracking the performance of all employees leading to unbiased appraisals.

9. Library Management

Library management software provides centralized management and processes for different types of libraries and library activities such as acquisition, keep the record of different categories like; Books, Journals, Newspapers, Magazines, Classify the books subject wise, etc.


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