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E-commerce is fundamentally marketing and the distribution of products and services online.  It happens when individuals do their fare that is customary through the Internet.  In other words, e-commerce is a digital business. 

An e-Commerce website has a lot of layers of functionality that aren’t on sites that are conventional, including a web server hosting an inventory database, payment processing, a storefront along with a complex system used to track & deliver goods to consumers. The design and functionality of your eCommerce site could make or break conversions and influence your organisation revenue. 

Amatrons Technologies has made quality eCommerce websites for multiple clients.  We partner with clients to develop more eCommerce website that pushes sales easily and efficiently.  Discover how our marketing experts can help you increase ROI using a innovative eCommerce site.

11 ways to increase e-Commerce Sale Fast



If you are having difficulty coming up with fresh tactics to acquire more clients and increase earnings in the e-Commerce arena, we will provide you with few valuable pointers. As a marketing specialist in e-Commerce space, we have examined these tactics which we think will actually do the job for you.

Companies undergo plateaus and declines always on e-Commerce business. It is essential that your company is keeping up with ever the changing and new trends acquired by the consumers. Whether you are a new business or have been in operation for many decades, obtaining more earnings is the only way to sustain your business.

The exact same approaches may grow stale, although your methods could have worked at a some stage earlier. Consumer behaviour keeps on changing which impacts the market. Here are the 11 methods to make more earnings from e-Commerce business.

1. Target Your Existing Customers:

It is always far more expensive to acquire a new customer every time because you need to spend a lot of money getting them into your sales funnel basket. Rather than focusing on new customers to buy your products, focus on investing and delivering more value to you existing customer.

Why? Below are the reasons:

  • These people are already familiar with your brand.
  • They know how to use your products, and there’s no learning curve
  • They add more items to their shopping carts as compared to new customers
  • They have higher conversion rate
  • Helps is generating more revenue each time they visit your website.

We still understand your dilemma. It is always great to have new customer so that your brand expands and reaches new prospects overtime but that will happen gradually. Your business will never skyrocket at one attempt. It will take time, patience, strategy, money and lot of efforts. Try to come up with a customer loyalty program that gives people an incentive to spend more money each time they shop. Each dollar spent can translate to a rewards point. When a customer accumulates a certain number of points, they can redeem them for discounts or other promotions. This creates more trust on your brand and long term trust on you.

2. Keep your site encrypted and SSL enabled

One of the most important components of online business is creating a trusted environment where potential customers feel confident in making purchases. SSL certificate creates a foundation of trust by establishing a secure connection.

SSL stands for Secured Socket Layer. SSL certificates are used to create an encrypted channel between the client and the server. Transmission of such data as credit card details, account login information, any other sensitive information has to be encrypted to prevent eavesdropping. Also, as per Google’s latest algorithm and security updates, SSL is mandatory for every website. If you do not have SSL, Google will penalize your website and will never let you rank top on the search engine. Same goes with Bing browser as well.

Below are some of the SSL providers you can use to secure your e-Commerce website.

  • Comodo
  • GeoTrust
  • DigiCert
  • GlobalSign
  • Symantec
  • Thawte
  • Entrust
  • Network Solutions

The reason that visitors stay longer on websites when they see the green padlock from an SSL certificate is because it keeps information that is being transmitted between a web browser and a web server is safe. This is especially important for websites that are dealing with sensitive information from customers and visitors, like personal information on a membership site or credit card information in an online store.

Gartner research has shown that 70% of people shopping online have cancelled an order because they did not trust the website. Furthermore, 64% of those shoppers say that they would have finished the transaction had the website had a trust mark or SSL certificate.

Trust is incredibly important to online shoppers and without some kind of approved mark or seal on a webpage, they will more likely to leave and take their business somewhere else. 

3. Use Videos to educate your customers

People just love videos. We are pretty sure that you will agree how videos can engage your customers instantly and influence them to buy your products. In fact, over half of marketing experts across the globe say that video has the top return on investment compared to other marketing tactics. Websites that have videos can get the average user to spend 88% more time on their pages.

Videos resonate more with people, so it’s likely that they’ll remember what they watched as opposed to just reading about it.

Why Videos?

Video is a versatile and engaging content format that gives us a picture of what is currently happening . Consumers enjoy it because it’s easy to digest, entertaining and engaging, and entrepreneurs like it because it can give a possibly huge return on investment (ROI) through several mediums. Video is also quite accessible to anyone with internet access, both to create and to observe. While there’s certainly a trend towards high quality video onto a level, everyone can hop onto their laptop and create their own video in under an hour.

4. Use high quality product images

We live in a world where visual content needs to be appealing and lucrative. This is the benchmark required for every organisation selling products and services via digital medium. Have you ever gone to any e-Commerce website and saw products listing that offered a robust description of an item but featured no photos of it or the photo was blurry?

What’s your first thought when you see that? We don’t know about you, but the first thought that jumps into our minds is a suspicious “Why?”

Why wouldn’t they include a photo or a high quality photo for those websites that have poor imagery? Do they have something to hide? Are they BS-ing us about the condition of the product? Do they not realize the increase in a conversion with a high quality photo versus a poor quality one?

As soon as that idea appears, it plants itself like a weed and is nearly impossible to remove. The sale is pretty much dead at that point, never mind how much effort the seller put into their product description.

Studies show that people remember 80% of what they see and 20% of what they read. According to a research from ViSenze, 62% of generation Z and Millennial consumers want visual search capabilities. Pinterest CEO Ben Silbermann says: “The future of search will be about pictures rather than keywords”.  Instead of searching for words, users can drag or snap a photo of clothes, furniture or home decor, etc, without having to describe what they are looking for in a search box with Google Lens.

Images Boost Your Business

It would be hard to call product images a “secret” to ecommerce success, as most retailers these days know how important they are. And with the above scenario in mind, it’s not hard to understand why. But while every seller needs to dodge the bullet of suspicion, the psychology of images goes deeper than that.

Images give us instant information

Humans are visual by nature. While there’s some debate over how much faster our brains transmit visual information when compared to text, there’s no argument that it’s faster—the old adage “a picture’s worth 1,000 words” is certainly based in truth.

A single snapshot of a product can provide more relevant information about the product’s quality than paragraphs of text. Why break your back describing a products dimensions, colors, shape, and designs when a single photo can do the job for you? Plus, images provide a natural sense of scale and help customers get familiar with your item before they buy.

Images help us scan through products

Few of as actually read the pages we visit. Research by Nielson Norman shows that a miniscule 16 percent of readers actually read word-for-word—79 percent just skim for the highlights. And when online shopping across a diverse network of ecommerce retailers, we’re guessing this 16 percent is even lower. For many people no images means no go.

Images show readers what you have to offer without making them commit. If you have great photos of great products, they’ll stick around to read the details.

Images are interactive and socially shareable

In our social-media crazy world, sharability has become a type of currency. Many socially-savvy shoppers talk about their purchases and share their experiences on social media—and if they happen to share your images, your brand gets more exposure. Reports by Gartner indicate that 74 percent of the population rely on social networks for information about purchasing decisions, information that includes what their friends share, repost, and pin.

Nobody will share a text-based product description, but sites like Instagram are prime for hosting photos of your merchandise. It’s free advertising, really.

Images are SEO Friendly

Optimizing on-page text is great, but images can boost your page’s SEO value even further. Each image includes file names and alt-text that can be tailored to improve your page’s organic search ranking by giving search indexers more information to pull from. Think of it as the cherry on top of all the other benefits images provide.

5. Show Off Customer Testimonials

There’s no better recommendation than testimonials and reviews from happy customers. Make sure all your testimonials include the person’s name, as well as their photo. Including the title, if relevant, is also beneficial because it provides authority. In this way, you show that there are real persons behind these testimonials and not something you just made up.

6. Use Instagram

With 1 billion monthly users, Instagram has turned into a powerful marketing tool. Today, more than 85% of top brands have accounts on Instagram and over 70% of them publish at least one video or photo a week. The fact that the platform has formed a special team in NY to work on e-commerce features makes it an ideal channel for boosting your sales.

Grow your IG account by posting regularly: about three posts a day, plus live content once a week, as well as daily stories. In addition, make sure to stay active at all times by liking and commenting on your competitors’ followers. Finally, take advantage of paid ads, as well as influencer marketing.

7. Be Mobile Optimized

Research has shown that more and more people are shopping online via their mobile devices:

Almost 80% of people have bought something online using their smartphone in the last six months.
80% of people use their mobile phones inside a physical store to check reviews, find suitable alternatives, or compare prices.
Almost 40% of the e-commerce purchases during the holiday season 2018 were conducted via smartphones.
These numbers show how important it is to optimize your ecommerce store for mobile. Not being mobile-friendly means losing customers and decreasing in sales.

According to experts, responsive design is the best solution since responsive sites adapt to all device types or screen sizes.

Another option to take into consideration is building a mobile app. New research results demonstrated that users prefer mobile apps over websites for several reasons, including speed, convenience, personalized content, etc. In other words, having a mobile app will improve your CX and, in turn, increase your sales and boost revenues.

8. Engross with Influencers

Influencer marketing is a smart way to promote your content or products, depending on your agreement with the influencer. This will improve the visibility of your brand and help you gain the attention of an enthusiastic audience.

But it’s crucial that you work with influencers who are relevant to the products you’re selling, so you can reach an audience that will be interested in the promotion.

  • Grin
  • Socialpeeks
  • NeoReach
  • HYPR
  • BuzzSumo

9. Giveaways and Competitions

When done right, giveaways and contests are a great promotion tactic through which your e-store can both engage with existing customers and attract new customers, at the same time building brand awareness. In addition, they allow you to capture consumers’ data, including demographic info and email, which can serve to build a lasting relationship with your customers.

Giveaways and contents are very flexible. They allow you to determine how long you want them to last, what type of prizes you’re going to give, or even how much effort you want to put in them. Just remember to consider all the guidelines and legalities that apply to giveaways and contests depending on the platform you decide to use.

Finally, to further increase the benefit of the giveaway or competition, allow the contestants to share it on social networks in exchange for additional entries.

10. Implement a solid Email Marketing Strategy

The obvious next step to building an email list is to make it an integral part of your marketing strategy.

You could choose to send the same weekly newsletter to every subscriber, but that isn’t the best way to get the most out of your list since that information won’t be as relevant to all of your audience.

Instead, segment your audience according to their personal actions — what type of products have they purchased from you? What are their preferences when it comes to receiving email promotions from you?

You can implement these personalizations and more using your email list provider. For instance, when asking visitors to confirm their subscription, you could add checkbox options to get an idea of:

  • The category of products they like from your store
  • What types of promotions they’re interested in hearing about
  • How they heard about your store

When you segment your subscriber list, you can send newsletters and promotions that are more relevant to each person. With personalization, your audience is more likely to engage with your brand and remain subscribed.

11. Use scarcity tactics

Nothing gets the blood pumping more than scarcity.

If your product seems to be available in limited supply — or if a sale is only available for a short time — your visitors will be more likely to buy from you now, since they can’t be sure that your items will be available at this price (or available at all!) later down the road.

Here are a few ways to use scarcity to boost your ecommerce sales:

  • Host flash sales
  • Add a countdown timer on your site during sales
  • Display ‘only x remaining’ on your items
  • Add scarcity for item sizes

Using scarcity in your email marketing can increase your click-through rate by 14% and double your sales, and it’s so easy to implement! Just add a Getsitecontrol sticky bar at the top of select webpages with a brief message and/or a coupon code to take advantage of the offer.

Hope this entire helps you in increasing your store sale.

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