Who We Are?

We are an agency that designs, markets, creates brands, does the positioning and stirs the emotions of the consumers. We started up not just to create capital (which of course we want too) but also to add values, empathy and buzz that should last really long. We mean, really-really long.

The Beginning!

Nothing fancy about our beginnings, but yes, we did start up in an office space which used to be the garage (we know you’ve heard the same story many times and that is why we said, nothing fancy about it). But we worked with some of the coolest brands, brightest minds in the industry and positioned ourselves in the Indian Market. And not to mention, because we have already made it pretty lucid, WE LOVE MOVIES, because fantasy and creativity are the keys to create brands.

Of Course, The Company

We Stir the Market, We Create the Buzz.

We are a flock of strategists, designers, web and application developers, digital marketeers, content makers that can go to any extent to bring out something cool for the client (even if it makes them ditch some of the episodes of Friends or Game of Thrones). Told ya!

Let's Talk Business

We run on coffee and hence, accessible 24*7. Period. Give us the damn call.

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